1888 ScreenSaver Clock

1888 ScreenSaver Clock

1888 ScreenSaver Clock is an austere screen saver with a simple clock

Screen savers are usually purely ornamental programs that display photos or fancy scenes when your computer is left unattended for some minutes. 1888 ScreenSaver Clock is a screen saver that aims to have a bit of utility to it, apart from its aesthetic value. It will place a large analog clock on your screen, allowing you to know the time even if you are somewhat away from your computer.
The clock itself is very simple, with pale colors on a white background with a bouquet of flowers. The clock hands are red and the numbers are black. The clock adjusts itself automatically to your system clock. This screen saver is very austere and has no settings at all, so it cannot be customized or converted into a digital clock. It is actually a notable limitation of this screen saver: it is not a 3D clock, its decorations are scarce, and it doesn't provide any sound effects, being completely flat and silent all the time, so chances are that you will get bored with it very soon. On the bright side, however, you may run any music track in the background, and the screen saver will not interrupt it.

Marian Zaky
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  • Somewhat useful
  • Decorated with flowers


  • Very simplistic
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